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Set yourself up for success with my 7 tips for productivity!


“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” Cliche as it may be, the ‘basic’ quote flooding your IG feed on Sundays bears a lot of truth. My type A personality craves tips for productivity so I can spend my Sunday doing things that help me prepare for a solid start to the week lessening the dread that Mondays bring.

Although it’s important to be productive, life is all about balance, so I like to infuse some relaxation and fun into my Sundays amidst the productive moments. Check out my top tips for productivity that will leave you feeling accomplished, refreshed, and ready to kick the Sunday scaries to the curb and knock Mondays out of the park.

Meal prep for the win

As a former meal prep guru, I appreciate the benefits of prepping meals for the week but have modified my approach to lessen the stress of the process. In the past, I took the meal prep game too seriously ended up adding a lot of undue stress in my life. Chill out girl it’s not that deep! Attempting to be just as effective but more manageable I found ways to get the biggest bang for my time.

Instead of researching, shopping, and preparing recipes for multiple meals in the week I made things super simple. I cook two meat ‘dishes’ for the week along with easy to prepare sides. My go-to’s are usually crock pot pulled chicken and salmon. Thanks to the glorious Wegmans, I supplement my meals with veggies that are already chopped and portioned so I can quickly whip up some healthy sides in minutes.

Hustle And Glow Tips for Productivity:

My secret trick is to optimize my oven game!! The oven is my best friend because I can cook multiple dishes at a time without having to hover over the stove every minute of the day. I fill that bad boy up, ask my girl Alexa to set the time, and I set it and forget it!

I spend the hands-free time multitasking on something else like laundry or cleaning. My go-to oven choices are Brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, asparagus, salmon, and so much more!

Break out the Tide Pods

I like to start the week off with empty hampers and full drawers. There’s nothing better than starting the week off with a clean slate… no pun intended! Don’t forget to wash those bed linens too! Think about all the gunk we carry with us from the day that makes its way to our homes, seeping its way into the sheets and pillows we sleep in every day. It’s super gross when you think about it so wash those sheets girl!

Hustle And Glow Tips for Productivity:

Start your laundry early in the day. When I put off laundry I end up picking up my last load too close to bedtime and sometimes don’t have the energy to fold/put everything away. Start early, put in loads little by little throughout the day as you focus on other tasks on your Sunday to-do list- like while you’re meal prepping and relying on that oven to give you more time!

Get that house so fresh and so clean

My mother taught me to believe that our external surroundings are a reflection of our internal being. I also believe that the inverse is true as well. I feel better when my home is in a good state. Take it from Marie Kondo if you need convincing, “The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.” Do a quick rundown of the bathroom- toilets, sinks, and shower so you don’t let the gunk pile up. Clean the floors, and put things in their space. Once you get a system going you’ll be surprised at how easy/quick it is to tidy up your house. I have a banging playlist to motivate me as I clean or depending on my mood I pop on a podcast/Ted Talk, or even my favorite trashy reality show. The time flies by and I’m entertained and cleaning like a madwoman!

Hustle And Glow Tips for Productivity:

I feel like a boring old lady as I type this but it’s so much easier to keep a clean house if you never let the mess get out of hand in the first place. That way you can periodically tidy up throughout the week. Would you rather spend several hours once a month when you can’t bear the mess anymore or an hour every Sunday? Challenge yourself to do a deep cleaning to start with a fresh start and maintain a clean house weekly.

Dedicate time for your #1- YOU!

Whether that’s a workout class, a walk, or reading a chapter of your favorite book- you deserve to give yourself some loving! I love having a productive Sunday but I don’t want to feel like I’m slaving away my weekend. So I try to hit up a barre class to put a smile on my face and some pep in my step. Spend time doing things that make you happy and rejuvenate you.

Self care = self love

Similar to my point above, I also spend time doing something for my health and wellness. In addition to dedicating some time for myself by working out, I like to tone it down and give my body some TLC. I’ve been into making DIY face masks these days and it gives me life! It’s fun to research new recipes and target any of my current face woes- oily skin, breakouts, etc. Give your body some love, take a bath, make a mask, treat yo self!

Reward yourself, you deserve it!

I believe in rewarding myself after busting my butt having a productive Sunday. Life is all about balance- work hard and play harder. If I’m putting in work on a Sunday I’ll reward myself at the end of the day when all the work is done. Sometimes it’s watching my favorite show that I’ve been saving in my DVR or it’s indulging in a guilty pleasure snack. Whatever it is, know that you deserve to pat yourself on the back for your productive Sunday.

Get that beauty rest girl!

The most important aspect of having a productive Sunday is to get a good night’s rest! There’s nothing better than waking up on Monday feeling refreshed in your clean sheets, folded clothes, prepped food, etc. Literally nothing better than that- and that my friends is what happens when you accept your adulting ways haha. I get excited about having my life in order and starting off my Monday on the right foot.

Add these tips and tricks to your next Sunday and I guarantee that you won’t regret it. You’ll feel organized, motivated, and ready to tackle the week ahead.

Share any productivity tips that help you crush your Sundays. Drop me a note below, sharing is caring right?!



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