There are not enough hours in the day, am I right?! Recently I’ve been using my hectic schedule as a scapegoat for not working out. But let’s be real, if I have time to sit on the couch and eat some salt & vinegar chips while watching sex and the city then I have time to workout.

With my stress at an all-time high, my body and mind were craving a solution. I made a pact to start prioritizing physical activity for my well being. It’s funny how things seem to fall into place once you make a decision, believe in it, and declare it. Less than a week after this proclamation I was approached by Life Time Fitness to check out their facilities.

After a solid week back into my workout routine before my visit, I was beyond sore and tired but couldn’t wait to check out this new gym that I kept hearing about. Being my extra self, I decided to take two classes back to back. Mind you this was after taking 4 barre classes 4 days in a row, ya I know I’m crazy.

I took an amazingly intense spin class. The instructor was energetic, motivating, and tough- my favorite combo! The room was equipped with state of the art bikes. The vibe was right up my alley, I could feel the music pumping through my veins while the strobe-esq lights paired seamlessly to the beat. Next, being the barre addict that I am, I took an express barre session that really kicked my ass. I got to my shaky legs right away in the expansive and bright studio.

I’m obsessed with the locker room. Between the relaxation space, sauna, hot tub, and rain showers I was definitely living my best life. After spending a few hours hydrating and pruning I made my way over to the cafe for a delicious meal.

My favorite thing about lifetime fitness has to be the staff and atmosphere. I’m a little bougie when it comes to my workouts but I hate when the vibe is pretentious- this is such a hard balance to find. I felt like I was spending time at a resort, Ritz Carlton style, yet with a friendly and welcoming environment. They have something for everyone! Check out the 10 Things I Love About Life Time Fitness along with some pictures of the Chestnut Hill facilities.


Take a trip to your local Life Time Fitness today to learn more about this amazing athletic resort. Check out their locations hereIf you live in the Boston area be sure to check out the Chestnut Hill location. Call and ask for Adela to schedule a tour of their amazing facilities. I’m 100% sure that you’ll have the same pleasant experience that I had! 

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